Ashley Farms Cheesecake Fundraiser

Our spring fundraiser benefits our New England tour this year! This is our first fundraiser with Ashley Farms, famous for their cheesecakes. All the available items that can be purchased from a ringer are available in the brochures on their website. For long distance supporters, there is a selection of goods that are more easily shipped than perishable frozen goods!

Organization ID: HANDBELLW18

Seller ID: 12109625

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2017 Winter Fruit Sale!

Our annual winter fruit sale was a week late due to issues with the hurricane in Florida, but it arrived safely in the end. Some fruit was picked up in person by customers, some was personally delivered by our team of handbell families. Donation boxes were delivered to the Market Street Mission and to the Interfaith Food Pantry. Thank you to all our supporters! These Florida citrus fruit fundraisers every year literally fund bell operations for the entire year and allow us to ring our music to communities near and far!

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Christmas Time in the City: A Holiday Show Spectacular!

Come out and see us this Saturday at Lawton C. Johnson Middle School! We will be performing with full choirs and orchestra as special guests of the Continuo Arts Foundation.

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